Saturday, May 9, 2009

More Cemetery Records in Leopold, Perry, Indiana

At Leopold Cemetery --

John H. Elder (1846-1928) and Josephine Elder (1852-1947) [they had one tombstone to share]

Clarence A. Elder, son of G.F. & J. Elder, died Aug 15, 1883 at age 7 yrs., 9 mos.

Mary M. Elder, wife of John Hahus, born Jan 23, 1868, died Feb. 6, 1891

Mary, wife of Joseph Elder, born March 1, 1820, died Dec. 20, 1892

Elena Inez Elder, wife of J.W. Elder, born Jan 26, 1808 and died Aug 10, 1910 [I am not certain about the dates on this stone as they were very, very worn, but if they are correct, she was 102 years old when she died)

Alma Elder, daughter of W.H. and J.M., born Feb 21, 1891, died Jan 31, 1892

Mary Adeline Elder, daughter of J.H. & M.J. born July 3, 1880, died Feb 8, 1887

At St. J

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